One Heart Stables

Small and mighty

Caramel is the smallest therapy horse in the barn. He is often described as “small but mighty” because he is brave, energetic, and enjoys going for long trail rides.

Sensitive therapist

We’ve come to believe that people will pick the horse they truly need, and in turn our clients are able to engage in an honest, non-judgmental relationship with their horse.

A new day for Ashley (Story 17 of 50)

It is an honor to walk alongside people like Ashley, who has found health and healing for herself and her family during her time as an Encompass Christian Counseling client.

Josie’s triumph (Story 7 of 50)

Josie’s triumph (Story 7 of 50)

When I first met Josie, I met a powerhouse of a young woman; she presented as a strong, independent teenager with something to prove to the world. She was fluent in psychology, philosophy, and teenager, and she had an opinion about every current issue facing our nation.

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The class clown

The class clown

One Heart Stables is home to a select group of horses. Each of their distinctive personalities contributes to their role as “equine therapists” as they serve the children in our residential program as well as adults and children in the general public through Encompass Christian Counseling.

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