There’s an eight-year-old girl named Mia who needs your help. Your special gift of just $80 by December 31 will help provide this little girl with a safe place to spend Christmas.

Mia doesn’t have a home. Not really. For most of her short life, Mia bounced between two different beds in two different states. She stayed with her parents until the drugs and alcohol got out of hand and they beat her again, then she’d move in with Grandma and Grandpa. Sadly, the pain Mia experienced made it nearly impossible for her grandparents to properly care for her, and she would move back in with her mom and dad.

But the last time she stayed with her parents, Mia was raped by a teenage boy. She was five. Mia has since been hospitalized more than once for suicidal tendencies. The bouncing continued.

For a child like Mia, Christmas is always the hardest time to not have a home. "How many gifts will be under the tree when I wake up?" "Will Santa know where I’m staying this year?" "Does anyone love me enough to give me something for Christmas?" And even those few times when she was with her parents at Christmas, Mia never felt safe. It was just another day when she hoped she wouldn’t get hit again.

But you can give Mia a safe place to call home this Christmas for only $80. She’ll be safe. She’ll learn what it feels like to be loved and accepted unconditionally, despite what’s happened to her. She will receive the vital therapy she needs to begin the healing process.

Mia has been abused and neglected by the people she should have been able to trust most in life. Her horrific experiences have resulted in PTSD, and she also has been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar disorder. She’s talked often about killing herself.

But you can keep her safe. You can keep her alive!

For every $80 you give, you help provide Mia and other abused and neglected children with a safe place to stay and the treatment she needs so she can finally have a peaceful and joyous Christmas. And a long, full life after that.

As Christians, we find our greatest joy and fulfillment in our relationship with Jesus. For many of us, Christmas is the time of year when we feel closest to Jesus as we celebrate His birth and thank our Heavenly Father for sending His Son down to save us and give us new life. Sadly, Mia and so many kids like her have never heard the true Good News of Christmas. You can change that.

What a gift you can give her!

Mia loves doing cartwheels and crafting and dancing and playing with stuffed animals. But she also hates being alone, and certain songs bring back memories of the worst times of her young life. She sometimes still gets angry. Mia has a long way to go.

Your $80 donation will keep her safe and help her heal. You’ll make sure she’s never alone.

Your $80 donation this Christmas will help Mia and the other kids on the CCHO campus have a safe place to stay and will provide the help they need to overcome the years of extreme abuse and unspeakable neglect they have experienced. Your $80 donation will help Mia experience her worth in Christ.

Will you make a donation by December 31?


In order to protect their identity, we often change the name of the children your gift will help. In the case that funds exceed the needs described here, we will use the money where it is most useful.