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There’s a scared 10-year-old girl who needs your help. Andrea lives with intense fear and anxiety. She worries that someone will hurt her again.

Andrea doesn’t know what it’s like to be safe in her home, but you can change that this Christmas. Your $30 donation will be doubled to give her a safe place to stay!

Let me tell you more about Andrea and how your gift will be doubled, up to $28,800, to make sure she is safe this Christmas.

Andrea knows the deep pain of abuse, hunger and loneliness. The most important people in her life have treated her like she doesn’t matter. Their actions tell her that she is unworthy of love and care. Jesus says otherwise. I know you do too.

Please send your special gift to be doubled so Andrea and children like her have a safe place to stay this Christmas.

Make sure Andrea has a safe place to stay this Christmas!


Christian Children's Home of Ohio (CCHO) is a local nonprofit organization that has provided opportunities for donors like you to help abused and neglected children for more than 50 years. Based in Wooster, OH and serving all of Ohio – including Wayne County, Summit County, Stark County, Cuyahoga County, Franklin County and the surrounding areas – CCHO is a safe place for kids who have suffered extreme forms of physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse, as well as survivors of sex trafficking. Initially licensed as a foster care/group home for children, CCHO now has five cottages on its campus that are home to as many as 46 kids, ages 6-17, who have often been abused by parents or other people they trust. During their time with this faith-based charity in Ohio, children learn the tools they need to overcome the trauma they've experienced through various forms of therapeutic approaches (including recreational therapy, art therapy and equine therapy) as well as social, spiritual and educational opportunities designed to aid the child with the healing process, model for them how a healthy family functions, develop coping and life skills, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

Andrea doesn’t know what it’s like to be safe, but you can change that this Christmas. Your $30 donation will be doubled to give her a safe place to stay!

Rather than being excited about the holidays, Andrea is focused on her past. Bedtime is especially difficult as she has a hard time calming racing thoughts of worry and anger.

Andrea desperately needs reassurance – to know the abuse is not her fault.

With just $30, you can give her the night of safety and care that she needs and deserves. You can let her know just how valuable her life is with your donation this Christmas! 

A night of safety usually costs $60 but a group of generous donors has created a challenge fund that will double all donations before Christmas, up to $28,800. That means your $30 doubles to $60 to provide a night of safety and care for Andrea and kids like her!

Andrea needs to be safe and feel safe so she can process her painful emotions through trauma therapy. She needs a safe and stable place to learn and practice the tools to start building a new life. You can help make that possible for her.

Andrea has lost hope that anything will make her feel better. She was hospitalized three times this year because of self-harming. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if Andrea didn’t have a safe place to heal.

You can help Andrea, a smart and social girl, experience her true worth – that she is loved unconditionally and that Jesus can free her from her horrific past. And the first thing to do is to make sure Andrea has a safe place to stay this Christmas.

Please make your (doubled!) donation below so Andrea and other kids like her can stay safe and embrace the new life God intends for her. What a gift you can give her!

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