Provide a night of safety for a child this Easter for $60

15-year-old Jillian needs your help. Jillian was removed from her home because of extreme abuse from her father. Her anxiety and fear are greater than they have ever been.

You can help Jillian be safe and feel safe for the first time in her life. With your $60 donation, you can give Jillian and other teens like her a safe place to stay this Easter!

Though she’s the big sister, Jillian has never felt safe in her own home or in the presence of her father. She doesn’t believe that her life can be better and desperately wants to forget what she’s seen and experienced.

The fear and abuse have been so painful and overwhelming for Jillian that she has been taken to the emergency room twice for trying to hurt herself.

This Easter – during this season of renewal – you can give Jillian and kids like her a fresh start. Your $60 donation provides safe shelter, food, therapy and care for Jillian and kids like her.

Jillian struggles with depression and worries that she is not enough. She feels trapped in her dark thoughts. She often turns to drugs and alcohol to try to stop the pain. She’s acting out, even to those she cares about, because she can’t manage her feelings or herself anymore.

Your gift by April 4 will give Jillian a chance to finally feel safe and loved after living in fear for so long! Every $60 you give will provide a night of safety and care for kids in desperate need, like Jillian.

Give one child a night of safety by Easter!

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