Your $60 gift can help ensure Mazie has a safe place to stay for Christmas

When Mazie was 15, she was kidnapped by a man she trusted, driven to another state and held captive in a sex trafficking ring.

Each night, she went to sleep fearful of what the next day would bring. Mazie spent countless nights living in fear, but now you can give her one night of safety for just $60.

Mazie still has nightmares about the months she spent in captivity. She feels like she is still being held against her will. She wakes up terrified and out of breath. Can you imagine how painful it is to keep reliving the worst nights of your life, over and over again?

Mazie needs your help today. It all starts when you give her a night of safety and loving care!

This past year, eight CCHO residents with stories similar to Mazie’s found hope in Jesus and chose to be baptized. As one young boy proudly proclaimed in his baptism testimony, “My baptism gives me the assurance to know that I am really saved and I feel secure in being a child of God.”

Do you know how Mazie thinks God feels about her? “I can’t ever go to heaven,” she says. “I’ve done too much stuff.”

You can help Mazie replace that lie with the truth: that she is loved unconditionally, that she can be fully forgiven, and that Jesus can free her from her horrific past.

And the first thing to do is to make sure Mazie has a safe place to stay this Christmas. Please send your donation by December 20 so Mazie can stay safe and then recover to live the kind of life God intends for her.

Give the Gift of a Safe Night

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