Your $60 gift can help ensure Ryan never tries to take his own life again

Ryan should be dead.

If he had his way, one of his many suicide attempts would have prevented him from seeing his 14th birthday. Thankfully, he’s still here today. Your $60 gift can keep Ryan safe so he can celebrate many more birthdays to come.

Ryan’s father committed suicide when Ryan was just 10. He was never the same. He grew up in a physically and sexually abusive home, and watched his mom use drugs while she suffered from unmanaged mental health and personality disorders. He turned to drugs and alcohol to numb his pain, often running away from home and selling sexual favors on the street to meet his basic needs. Suicide seemed like his only way out.

Ryan’s story is heartbreaking, but his traumatic past doesn’t have to dictate his future. Your $60 donation can give him a night of safety and care. You can help keep him off the streets for good!

Ryan is still trying to process through the trauma he’s experienced. He is a sensitive and caring young man who blames himself for the difficult things that have happened in his life. After repeatedly being wounded by the adults in his life, Ryan determined that life wasn’t worth living.

Your $60 gift can provide him with the vital treatment and behavior strategies he needs to finally find wholeness and healing. You can show Ryan that he is loved unconditionally, and that someone he doesn’t even know is rooting for him.

Ryan felt powerless in his own home without a say in how he was treated. Your support can give him the opportunity to build healthy new relationships in a safe and loving environment.

Your gift today can finally help Ryan be safe and feel safe for the first time!

Give the Gift of a Safe Night

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