Gift of safety needed by November 1!

Your $20 gift multiplies to provide one night of safety

Eight-year-old Ashley needs your help. She’s been used for sex trafficking to make drug money. She’s been hit, thrown against walls and pushed down concrete stairs. Her father even once tried to drown Ashley in a bathtub.

But you can help Ashley be safe and feel safe for the first time ever with a gift of just $20.

Ashley never felt safe in her own home because of the physical, sexual and emotional abuse. She struggles connecting with others and she has been taken to the emergency room nine different times after trying to hurt herself.

Ashley needs a safe place to stay so she can recover – and you can give that to her. Your donation by November 1 will help Ashley finally receive the critical care she needs in a safe place after living in fear for so long.

And since every dollar you give is multiplied 3x, a $40 donation multiplies to $120 – that’s two full days of safety!

That means that your dollar provides three more dollars of care to local children from Cuyahoga County and all over Ohio who desperately need it. What a powerful way to show the love of Jesus to a hurting child!

Give your multiplied (3x!) gift today

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