Help Tori feel safe and loved with the simple gift of food

Tori needs your help. Her mom frequently disappeared for weeks at a time leaving Tori behind to worry about where her next meal will come from. Or what she’ll have to do to get food for herself.

For just $2.31, you can give Tori a healthy school lunch! And your help is needed quickly – school starts August 18.

Tori has spent most of her life in constant survival mode. She’s fearful of what will happen to her mom who is caught up in the spiral of pain and addiction. Tori has also been afraid for herself. There’s often been no food in her home – not even to make a sandwich. She’s felt like she’s had no choice but to steal in order to eat.

For youth like Tori who have experienced abuse and neglect, consistent school lunches are so important.

Food has often been scarce for children who have suffered from extreme abuse and neglect. Many of these kids weren’t given nutritious meals at home. And after a morning in the classroom, they are so hungry at lunchtime.

With her school year starting August 18, you can make sure Tori has lunch each day for just $2.31! That means your gift of $48 by August 18 would provide Tori with lunch for her whole first month of school!

Provide a healthy school lunch by August 18.

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