Every $1 you give this Easter equals $10 of safety and care for Ashley

Eight-year-old Ashley needs your help. Ashley’s parents used their little girl for sex trafficking to fund their own drug habits. Her father even tried to drown Ashley in a bathtub when she was four years old.

Ashley has been abused physically, sexually and emotionally by her mom, dad and multiple babysitters. She’s been hit, thrown against walls and even tossed down concrete stairs. You may think these are scenes from a movie.

But this has been Ashley’s waking nightmare. It’s been so terrifying and painful for Ashley that she has been taken to the emergency room nine different times after trying to hurt herself.

You can help Ashley be safe and feel safe for the first time in her young life. Every $1 you donate by Easter – during this season of renewal – will provide $10-worth of safe shelter, food, therapy and care Ashley needs.

Ashley didn’t deserve to be abused by her parents. But we know you believe that she deserves to be safe and feel safe after living in fear for so long. That she deserves to be loved unconditionally. That she absolutely deserves a chance to find healing and happiness after all that she’s experienced.

Your gift will be multiplied 10 times because we use it to unlock state funding and government grants. That means that every dollar you give provides $10 of care to children in Ohio who desperately need it! You’ll help children sleep safely and receive the counseling they need while supporting all the programs CCHO offers.

Will you show Ashley the meaning of renewal this Easter by sending your special multiplied (10x!) gift by April 12?

Give your 10x multiplied gift!

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