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Because of you, Ethan can focus on bettering himself

Thirteen-year-old Ethan lived in a home that revolved around drug use. Ethan experienced anger and acted out as he processed the overdose and death of his mother. He didn’t believe he mattered as his father continued to choose substances over him.

Ethan resorted to angry outbursts, destroying tangible objects as he worked to gain some sort of control in his life. He desired attention and struggled to manage his emotions.

You made sure that Ethan was safe and received care for his unique trauma needs. Because of you, he is supported and nurtured as he processes his trauma. You have provided him with a healing environment where he can discover his true worth in Christ.

Ethan had difficulty trusting adults. He sought negative attention from peers, desiring for someone to truly see and know him. He continued to cause disruptions in his school and at home.

But your generosity has helped change Ethan’s view of himself and others. Ethan now engages in therapy as he learns to regulate his emotions. Ethan can now step away from negative situations and focus on bettering himself rather than seeking attention.

Ethan is now a positive influence on his peers and is known for his encouragement and kind words. He is now experiencing healthy connections as he uses his words for healing. Ethan now knows he is worthy of love.

Ethan once let his anger and trauma consume him. Now he is the encouraging and kind-hearted young man God created him to be. Your generosity made these changes possible.

Thank you for making a difference in Ethan’s life!


If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a child just like Ethan critical care and connection this school year. Your $60 donation by August 21 will provide a day of critical care with safe shelter, food, therapy, education, and healthy connection for kids in desperate need. It all begins with your gift of $60.


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