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Canopy Hill Disc Golf Course

CCHO residents, staff, volunteers, and donors gathered together on a drizzling spring day for the grand opening of Canopy Hill Disc Golf Course. After a year of planning and preparing the site, the 9-hole course is now available for residential use. The course is located in a wooded portion of CCHO’s Wooster campus providing natural beauty and competitive challenge.

Course creator and Clinical Director Brandon Jurkovich acknowledged the contributions of volunteers and donors for helping bring this new recreational space to fruition. CCHO President and CEO Kevin Hewitt joined Brandon in cutting the ribbon to officially open the course. Guests received a tour of the course while the residential program team gave residents their first disc golf lesson. Enjoy photos below from our inaugural day of play.

Thank you to Summit Disc Golf Association and Holmes County Disc Golf Club for their guidance during course development as well as their volunteer hours in clearing and preparing the course for play. Many heartfelt thanks also to area churches who gave financially to the project: Belden United Methodist Church in Grafton, Doylestown United Methodist Church, Faith United Methodist Church in North Canton, Otterbein United Methodist Church in Navarre, and Wooster United Methodist Church.


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