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Kindness challenge

The tween girls cottage recently participated in a kindness challenge to encourage residents to look for opportunities to build one another up. The challenge took place over several weeks with each resident having the opportunity to earn points toward a shared goal by using manners, supportive words and helping others. Kind acts could take place anytime throughout the day—whether it be at school, lunch or even recreation time.

The girls took the challenge seriously. They held doors for peers and staff. They helped pick up items that were dropped. They used words that were uplifting.

“When you see something good, you build on it,” said Sue Landis, LSW, clinical case manager for the tween girls. Staff also modeled acts of kindness. And leaders among the group stepped up with positivity and encouragement to reach their collective reward of a special outing to Altitude Trampoline Park in Mansfield.

Cottage staff frequently implement fun and creative strategies to engage residents toward positive change. These strategies come with achievable goals so residents can benefit from mastering skills along the way.

Initiated by Candace Hulbert, shift supervisor for the tween girls, this was the first kindness challenge for the cottage. She wanted to help the girls be more supportive of each other, especially when they were trying their best.

"On top of the normal emotional struggles that pre-teen girls endure, our girls from hard places struggles are more intense,” said Candace. “Among dealing with the trauma they've endured, it's important for the girls to learn and put forth effort in bringing positivity to others. This challenge helped promote the girls to see how they can positively affect others."

The tween girls cottage is home to up to nine girls ages 10 to 14. As you can imagine, cottage life is very active when you have nine girls living together. It’s a season of changing hormones and sharing spaces. And our youth have been through so much in their childhoods already. They are learning how to manage themselves and the emotions that come with their traumas. Many of them are just beginning to learn and practice important social skills.

We’re pleased to share that the girls successfully completed the kindness challenge. They worked hard to kick negativity to the curb. Enjoy the photos from their fun trip to the trampoline park.

Kindness and respect are continued areas for growth for our girls. Please pray for God’s love to be evident in our cottage and that the tween girls will learn not to encourage one another when someone is having a rough day.


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