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You gave Bryce a future

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Bryce’s life hasn’t been easy. After being adopted at the age of four, he was hit hard by multiple deaths in the family when he was 13. That same year, Bryce’s house burned down. Extreme depression set in, and Bryce began cutting himself before eventually trying to take his own life.

Bryce had little reason for hope, but you, our incredible donor community, gave him a reason to be hopeful! Because you donated, Bryce had a safe place to process the hard things that have happened in his life. So he could find healing. So he could find joy and have a future.

And that’s just what happened! Bryce began to learn different ways to deal with his pain. Specifically, he found that playing guitar during music therapy brought him joy and peace. Soon, he was not only playing songs from some of his favorite musicians, but he started writing his own songs too!

Because of donors like you, Bryce even put on a small concert for his family. “I feel like I accomplished something and I made people smile,” he said after the show. He especially loved playing his grandfather’s favorite song for him during the concert.

The 15-year-old boy who once tried to take his own life now has dreams of working in the music industry. That’s what your gift did – you gave Bryce a future by helping him overcome his past.

Bryce’s relationship with God has never been stronger. In his song “Identity,” Bryce wrote: “I thought things would never change, until I bowed myself to pray. And now I believe who You say I am.” Your generosity helped Bryce finally see himself the way God sees him. Wow!

Bryce says if he becomes famous, he’ll give free passes to his concerts to donors like you who helped him so much. That’s how grateful he is for the love you showed him!


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