Your $48 provides school lunch to a hungry child for a whole month

School lunches are vital for boys and girls who come from abusive homes.

Many of these kids weren’t given a good breakfast at home – or any breakfast at all.

After a morning in the classroom, they are so hungry at lunchtime. You can make sure a hungry child gets the school lunch he needs!

With school starting on August 18 here on campus, you can give lunch to a child for only $2.31! That means your gift of $48 by August 18 would provide one young boy or girl with lunch for the whole first month of school!

It’s so important that each child gets a nourishing lunch at school. Children from abusive homes have a hard time focusing on their work. Which means many will fall behind other kids in class.

And it’s even harder to concentrate when you’re hungry or worried about getting your next meal.

Your donation by August 18 – the first day of our school year – will provide the healthy food a child needs each day so he won’t be hungry and can work to overcome the challenges he’s had to face!

Give a kid a healthy school lunch by August 18!

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