Our agency promotes nutrition and nutrition education. Our agency does this by requiring staff who work directly with the clients to serve balanced and portion controlled meals. Our agency’s staff offer a variety of healthy snack options to residents during scheduled snack times. Staff working directly with residents encourage residents to eat healthy during scheduled meal times by serving balanced meals and encouraging residents to try healthy food options they may not have had available to them prior to arriving to the agency. At our agency, residents have water available to them at all times and are encouraged to drink water often as juices and milk options are limited and portioned by staff to promote health. Items that are high in calories or high in sugar are limited at our agency. Our campus nurse who is on site schedules and meets residents monthly to check and record resident’s weight. If problems regarding a resident’s nutrition arise, our agency will schedule an appointment promptly with the local doctor or nutritionist. Our agency strives to continue promoting nutrition education as we have an on-site nurse that will provide residents and staff with nutrition education to better promote the importance of nutrition to our clients. Our campus nurse meets with residents and staff in a group format two times a year to promote nutrition while providing nutrition education.

Our agency promotes the importance of physical activity to our residents in a variety of ways. Our agency has a variety of outlets on campus that residents can access to get physical activity. On our campus we have an outdoor pool open during warmer months, acres of wooded area for group hiking, a basketball court, four swing sets, a baseball/softball field, and a third of a mile asphalt circle for bicycle riding and walking. Our agency utilizes these outlets to organize events that promote physical activity and are offered to residents on campus such as basketball and kickball tournaments. We also encourage physical activity across campus by encouraging residents to participate in our all campus field day events. Our agency hosts four separate field days throughout the year: Winter Olympics, Spring Fling, Summer Splash, and Fall Fest. We give residents access to a vast variety of sporting equipment to use as well to promote physical activity engagement. Every day, each cottage has scheduled recreation time. This recreation time is used for a scheduled physical activity. Though scheduled recreation times may fluctuate for each cottage on campus based upon scheduled therapy groups and school, clients get 60 minutes of recreation time on average each day. We will continue to improve our use of recreation time by providing a broader variety of physical activity’s that clients can engage in.

Our agency holds events on campus that are open to the public that promote physical activity such as our annual 5k run where residents are encouraged to participate in a 5k run or quarter mile option.

Behind our residential facility lies a certified ropes course, which is another outlet our residents can use to engage in physical activity. Our certified ropes course instructor schedules team building exercises and opens the high ropes course to our residents to promote wellness several times per year. Our ropes course instructor also runs two-hour groups with resident’s bi-weekly to engage residents in physical activity and incorporate group initiative during the warmer months. Residents also are encouraged to participate in our agencies horse program that includes a horse stable on grounds along with a certified horse therapist.

Staff encourage residents to participate on outings off campus that include physical activities such as ice skating, roller skating, swimming, sledding, etc.. Cottage Supervisors are responsible for overseeing the monthly activity calendar and are required to plan at least one outing each month that involves the residents engaging in physical activity.

Our agency follows that USDA certified portion control menu to ensure that residents are receiving the appropriate nutrition.

Outside groups, such as local churches and volunteer groups, are encouraged to participate in our wellness policy as well. They are given guidelines when serving food that reflect the USDA certified portion control menu. Outside groups are encouraged to set up activities and engage our youth in physical exercise as they use our campus’s many outlets while they are visiting.

Our agency will assess our wellness policy annually to ensure that we are promoting physical wellness and nutritional education to our residents in accordance with nutritional guidelines. Our nutritional program will be checked monthly to ensure we are serving and portioning food appropriately and in accordance with USDA certified portion control menu guidelines. At the annual meeting to assess our wellness policy, we will look at ways to better promote physical activity and evaluate our nutritional guidelines.

Director of Operations, Shawn Yambor, will oversee the operation of the CRC Wellness Policy. This policy will be communicated with stakeholders which include residents, staff, and the custodians of clients. Each month this policy will be reviewed and goals set within the policy will be tracked and communicated to stakeholders.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the CRC Director of Operations by emailing yambors@ccho.org.