We have awesome kids at CCHO! Sometimes that awesome gets covered up by trauma. You have the privilege of supporting hurting kids as they rediscover their God-given awesome through CCHO’s trauma-informed services.

This Giving Tuesday, or One Heart Tuesday as we call it at CCHO, you’ll receive an inside look at our amazing youth as our residential team shares video stories about life change happening on our Wooster campus. These dedicated staff members pour life into hurting kids each day, affirming their true worth and pointing them toward hope in Christ.

You can give a child safety and inspire life change with your gift today.

Your Gift Doubles This Year!

A group of generous donors has set up a challenge fund that doubles your support of a child’s safety, treatment and growth. Typically, your gift of $60 keeps one child safe for one day and surrounds him or her with vital resources, critical treatment and trusting relationships. With this special challenge fund, your gift of $30 makes it happen.

Our goal for #OneHeartTuesday2021 is to provide one year of safety for a hurting child. The good news is, gifts are doubled this year. All donations totaling up to $10,950 will multiply to $21,900, enough for one full year of safety for a boy or girl in need. That’s the power of your doubled donation this year! Give now and help a child experience their worth in Christ.


We invite you to follow our #OneHeartTuesday2021 hashtag throughout the day on Facebook or Instagram to learn more about the amazing kids we serve through the lens of residential staff who create safety and build trust each day to help them heal. #OneHeartTuesday2021 is a great opportunity to learn more about our kids and staff and then advocate for more youth to experience their true worth in Christ.

Below are four stories of life change happening at CCHO. Your gift today makes more change possible.