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Nonprofit organizations simply cannot survive without the loyal backing of faithful supporters who believe in the work they’re doing. Throughout the last 50-plus years, CCHO has been incredibly blessed by countless individuals, families, businesses and churches that have provided vital support to our family of ministries in all sorts of ways.


If you have a heart for helping children, adults and families find healing and fulfillment on the other side of painful trauma, if our purpose of helping more people experience their worth in Christ resonates with you, would you prayerfully consider advocating for CCHO and our family of ministries?


There are a number of ways you can become involved in the work being done at CCHO, Encompass Christian Counseling and Encourage Foster Care.


Throughout the year, we host several fun events on our Wooster campus and in the surrounding areas, designed to raise awareness and support for the work being done on CCHO while also having a chance to interact with people from the community.


People have been praying for our ministry since we first opened our doors in 1969, and God has answered time and again. We firmly believe we wouldn’t still be here today without those faithful prayers and we are so grateful for each and every one of them. Would you please pray for God’s continued guidance in our family of ministries? We ask for the patience to wait for His timing in all things, the wisdom to make sound decisions that honor the responsibility with which He’s entrusted us, and for the love of Jesus to shine bright in all that we do. Without your prayers, we would be incapable of fulfilling our purpose of helping more people experience their worth in Christ.


There are few things more rewarding than rolling up your sleeves and giving your time, energy and talents to a cause that touches your heart. We have been blessed with incredible volunteers across our family of ministries, people who serve as the hands and feet of Jesus by connecting with and mentoring the kids in our residential program, providing child care for our foster care families at various Encourage trainings, pitching in at One Heart Stables, spearheading work projects on our Wooster campus, and filling so many other needs that allow us to continue serving more children, adults and families throughout our family of ministries. To learn more about the different ways you can be involved, please visit our volunteer portal.


Telling other people about CCHO is a great way to spread the word about all that God is doing with and through our family of ministries. In today’s digital age, following our various Facebook pages (CCHOEncompassEncourage) and other social media channels so you can like and share our posts is a tremendous help to us! We do our best to keep our social media pages updated with the latest news about our agency, announcements and information about our upcoming events, and links to our most recent blog posts. If you don’t already, would you please follow us?

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What better way to support an organization that you love than to come work with us? CCHO has been named a Best Christian Workplace for six years in a row, and we are committed to remaining an agency for whom our employees are proud to work. Visit our employment page to find openings within many of our departments and across a host of our regional locations!


As a nonprofit organization, the financial support of our faithful donors is absolutely essential to what we do. Donations allow us to continue offering the most effective services to even more children, adults and families in need while hiring the best people to provide those services. We are determined to grow and improve each day so that more people experience their worth in Christ. Your generosity makes that possible. Make your tax-deductible gift today, or learn more about becoming a Campus Champion monthly giver!

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