Damien grew up living with fear and instability

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gives Damien one night of safety

Damien needs your help. After being abused and neglected for much of his life, this teen needs a safe place to stay.

Your $60 gift will provide a warm, safe place to stay

A Growing Need

In 2018, more than 16,000 boys and girls entered foster care in Ohio, an increase of 28% since 2013 (source: PCSAO). Nearly 65% of those children were removed from their home because of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and/or alcohol/drug abuse by their guardians. Kids coming from these volatile situations need a safe place to process their trauma so they can find healing.

children entering foster care in Ohio

foster homes available


enter due to physical abuse, sexual abuse and/or neglect


enter due to guardian dependency issues

Kids like Marcus, who would routinely be left alone overnight in a home with no food while his parents abused drugs and alcohol, have been led to believe that they don’t matter. They can feel discarded. Forgotten. Less-than. Unwanted. Unloved and unlovable.

Read about how Marcus learned the truth: that he is loved unconditionally, and that his past doesn’t have to dictate his future.

No Safe Place to Call Home

The behavioral challenges that often arise from extreme forms of abuse and neglect leave many licensed foster families feeling ill-equipped to meet the needs of children still dealing with the effects of their traumatic experiences. As a result, it can be difficult to find somewhere to place these kids after they’ve been removed from their homes.


CCHO provides a safe and stable environment where abused, neglected and traumatized children find healing, discover hope and experience unconditional love. Originally founded in 1969, CCHO’s residential treatment facility in Wooster, OH is designed to meet the mental, emotional, physical, recreational and spiritual needs of as many as 36 children at one time. Children in residential care are provided a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as equine-assisted therapy, art, group, partial hospitalization, individual, play and certified trauma therapy.


CCHO and our family of ministries exists to help the children, adults and families we serve experience their worth in Christ by offering services that transform lives. Learn more about our ministries, our mission, our leadership team and more.


Children ages 6-18 are provided with therapeutic, social, spiritual and educational opportunities to aid with the healing process, model for them how a healthy family functions, and develop coping and life skills.


One young boy in need set in motion five decades of ministry in 1969. Initially licensed as a foster/group home serving three to five children at one time, CCHO has helped hundreds of children find hope and healing on the other side of their pain.


Time and again, God has moved in miraculous ways in the lives of His people. Here are some of our favorite stories from more than 50 incredible years of ministry in Wooster, Ohio.

Equipping kids and families

Equipping kids and families

The family integration therapy program has been in place for nearly a year. Here’s an update on how the expanded services have impacted kids and families.

read more



Your gift of $60 provides one night of safety for a child in need. For just $420, you can give a boy or girl who has suffered extreme forms of abuse and neglect a full week of the loving care she needs to finally find healing. What a gift you can give!


By making a monthly recurring gift of at least $20, Campus Champions receive an email update on the cottage of their choice every month. Campus Champions learn what’s been happening in their cottage so they can see the impact their gift makes while also being able to pray for specific needs in their cottage.

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~Mother of a Former Resident

“I believe that God directed the county to choose CCHO because it was what my son needed to help him become the man God created him to be. He learned that love is unconditional and that moms can be trusted.”

~Former CCHO Resident

“I talk often with others about my time at CCHO and the positive influence it had on me. I don’t know where I might have ended up without the love and guidance I received there.”

~CCHO Resident

“You reminded me that people care. You have made a big impact on me. Thank you for helping me see the way of God…and for the hope you gave me.”

Give One Child a Night of Safety!

Your gift of $60 will provide one child with a night of safety. For young victims of abuse and neglect, being safe and feeling safe is so important. They’ll also receive the critical care they need to overcome the severe trauma they’ve experienced. You’ll help a child sleep safely and receive the counseling they need while supporting all the programs CCHO offers.

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