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Mari learned the importance of relationships

Mari has suffered through years of abuse and neglect. She didn’t believe any of her needs mattered and resorted to aggressive outbursts as she internalized her emotions. Her hurting heart craved safety and attention. But rather than experiencing true connection, she lived in fear and pushed everyone away so she wouldn’t get hurt.

Mari spent the first three years of her life homeless, living with her mom who was a prostitute and addicted to drugs. Mari didn’t believe she was worthy of a real home or loving family.

Because you wanted more for kids who have been hurt, Mari experienced safety and support from her first day on campus. She now knows that on her best days and worst moments, she is worthy of care. She has learned how to speak truth to herself and others.

Your generosity has given Mari a fresh start. Equine therapy was especially helpful to Mari as she gained the confidence and assertiveness to pet, brush, and even ride her horse, Corey, with a calmness and connection that can only be developed through finding safety in relationships.

Mari’s trauma once controlled her life and relationships. She tried to avoid any relationships or connection. She shut others out and even made threats so people would leave her alone.

With your support, Mari not only experienced healing for herself, but also connected with new residents and encouraged them to engage in their treatment. Mari was able to process her trauma and learned vulnerability with trusted adults and peers was worth it.

Thank you for giving Mari a safe place to be heard and valued. Because of you, this little girl is now reunited with her adopted family, and they are on track to stay together.


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