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  • We deliver education using Smartboards, Chromebooks, and other technology platforms to best meet student needs and keep classroom instruction engaging. 


  • We follow a traditional school schedule of August to May classes with holidays, snow days and summer breaks. 


  • Sensory items are available to students: beanbags, fidgets, BEAM projector, desk bands, MP3 players, quiet/reading rooms, playground equipment, sensory swings and recreation center. 


  • Small class size of up to 10 students gives each student individualizd and differentiated instruction.


  • Educational staff to student ratio is 1 to 3 at minimum.



Students in grades K-12 learn in primary or secondary classrooms based on age and gender.

We have a great understanding of the obstacles that our residential youth face daily. Some of these challenges have hindered their learning experience. We believe that with the appropriate support, structure and guidance, we can help our students enjoy learning and have a more successful future.


For more information, please contact Kelsey Milich, Envision Academy Administrator at 330.345.7959, ext 2518 or

Educational Services

Youth in our children’s residential center attend classes on campus. Located in our Leadership Center, Envision Academy provides specialized education services for K-12 students aligned with Ohio’s Learning Standards. Services are designed to meet the students’ social, emotional, behavioral and academic needs.

Our residential youth will have the necessary supports and technology to help them be the best students and individuals they can be. Safety and connection will be at the forefront of all that we do. Our youth will know they’re loved no matter their behavior or achievement. We will serve the diverse academic needs of our students whether it be helping them catch up to their grade levels or work toward graduation requirements.

In a safe, supportive environment, our educational team will address trauma challenges so that students can make progress in their education and be ready to return to their community school district. Our goal is to prepare our youth with the tools to maintain and succeed in a traditional classroom.

Educational Team

Our educational team consists of administration, licensed intervention specialists, licensed teachers, treatment specialists, and clinical staff. Staff members collaborate to ensure students’ needs are being met on a group and individualized basis. 

Our team is trained in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) as well as Safe Crisis Management (SCM) certified. These trainings equips our staff to best serve students from hard places. 

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