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Planned Giving

Believing in accountablility, CCHO is reviewed by these independent third-party organizations:

You can change a child's story

You believe that children deserve to be safe and feel safe. That they deserve to be loved unconditionally. And if that hasn’t yet been the case for them, your heart wants more. You want them to find hope and healing despite the pain and trauma.

Your planned gift to CCHO helps change their story. Your kindness brings safety, renews hope, and restores lives. Because of you, more children can experience their true worth in Christ.

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Create a legacy of kindness 

A gift in your will or living trust

Align your giving with your personal values and be part of God’s miraculous work of transforming the bruised and broken hearts of boys and girls beyond your lifetime. A gift in your will or living trust often allows you to make an even bigger impact than you ever thought possible. Whether you give a set amount or a percentage of your estate, your selfless expression of God’s love to children gives them hope for a brighter future.

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