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Our Donors Brought an End to Amelia's Hungry Days

Amelia lived with parents who abused and neglected her. Amelia was regularly locked inside of her room without food for days. She would have to steal and hide food away just to make sure she could eat. Whenever there was food, she would binge, unsure of when she would be able to eat next. She couldn’t trust any adults to take care of her needs.

Our donors made sure that Amelia didn’t have to worry about food anymore! Because of their gift, she was given a safe place to stay and a healthy meal three times a day. Plus, great snacks to keep her going between meals. And because of donors- because they chose to make a difference in Amelia’s life - she began to finally feel safe.

Over the past year, Amelia was hospitalized multiple times for suicide ideations. She struggled with controlling her emotions and truly believed she was worthless. She acted out to get attention. She wanted to be seen and feel known.

Because our donors chose to make a difference in 11-year-old Amelia’s life, she truly felt safe and cared for. They made sure she had a warm bed and healthy meals. They gave her a therapeutic place to be vulnerable and process pain and trauma.

Today, Amelia knows how to simply enjoy being a kid. Rather than worrying about her next meal, she spent the summer swimming, kayaking and playing with kids her age. She did not have to feel embarrassed or ashamed about how hungry she was. She began to trust that food would be available when she was hungry.

We thank our donors for showing Amelia how precious she is. She doesn’t have to go to bed hungry anymore. Because of their generosity, Amelia is now glad to be alive.


If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a child just like Amelia critical care and connection this school year. Your $49 donation by November 23 will provide one week of filling meals for a child in desperate need. It all begins with your gift of $49.


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