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Provide safety and care each month for just $20/mo

After her dad died unexpectedly when she was three, Maddie suffered physical, emotional and sexual abuse. She struggled in school and lived in constant fear for her life.

Maddie finally found the safety and care she needed here at CCHO thanks to donors like you. Unfortunately, so many other kids in Ohio have a story like Maddie’s.

Somewhere, a girl just like Maddie needs your help. Today. She needs to be safe and feel safe. And you can do that for her with a monthly gift of just $20!

Your commitment of $20 every month will make you a Campus Champion. You’ll feel great knowing that your faithful support is helping to provide a safe place to stay and access to critical care for a child just like Maddie! Every single month.

After the abuse she endured, Maddie still struggles with negativity and trusting the people in her life. Because she didn’t feel safe at home, she ran away twice and was hospitalized after threatening to kill herself. She used drugs to numb her pain.

Sadly, Maddie’s situation isn’t unique.

Children who have been abused and neglected by people they trust struggle in relationships. They believe nobody loves them. That the world would be better without them in it.

You can change that.

As a Campus Champion, your gift of $20 each month will help give a child a safe place to stay plus access to the therapy they need to finally begin to heal. They’ll also learn what life in a healthy, supportive family environment feels like.

You can do all of that for a monthly gift of $20!

Why You'll LOVE Being a Campus Champion

As a Campus Champion, you will receive an update each month telling you how children just like Maddie are doing as they work through their pain during trauma therapy and other treatment here at CCHO. Campus Champions get to see the difference they make each month! You’ll read about the kids’ victories and you’ll learn how to pray for them through their struggles.

Becoming a champion for a child like Maddie is easy, and it starts by making your first monthly donation of $20 today!

As a Campus Champion, you’ll choose which of CCHO’s four cottages to support: Young Boys (ages 6-12), Young Girls (ages 6-12), Teen Boys (ages 13-17), or Teen Girls (ages 13-17). Then, you’ll receive an update each month telling you how the kids in your cottage are doing.


Each month, you’ll see exactly how you’re making a difference in young lives! You’ll have the joy of walking alongside them as they learn what it’s like to finally be safe and feel safe.

Maddie and other kids like her need your help. They need the stability and safety your faithful, consistent support can help provide. Will you become a faithful Campus Champion by making your first $20 donation today?

Become a Champion Today

To sign up, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and be sure to select the cottage you’d like to support with your monthly gift. By completing this form, you will be making your first monthly gift of at least $20 (you are permitted to pledge more each month), and your recurring gift will be automatically withdrawn from the card/account you submit each month moving forward.


A couple quick notes:

  • The email address you submit in the form will be the address to which we will send your monthly cottage updates, so please choose an email that you check regularly.

  • If you have any questions at all about the program, the sign-up process or anything else, please email us at

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