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Thank you for changing Dawn’s life

Sixteen-year-old Dawn felt lonely and abandoned. Her childhood had been absent of love and affection. It took time for Dawn to engage in treatment. She wondered why she should even try. She felt defeated and worthless.

Because you care deeply for children like Dawn, she was told over and over again through words and actions that she has great value. And over time, her heart began to believe it was true.

Here’s her story as told by Hallie, clinical support provider for the teen girls cottage.

Provide a night of safety this winter

If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a night of safety and care to a child just like Dawn this winter. Your $60 donation will help a child finally be safe and feel safe. What a gift you can give!

Today, Dawn knows she is loved and that her life has meaning and purpose. She’s blossomed into a young woman of strength and independence. All because you helped her experience her worth in Christ.

Dawn has expressed loving CCHO so much that she wants to stay until she is 18 and then work here to help other kids.

You’ve given Dawn a secure foundation. You’ve changed her life forever! Thank you!

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