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Provide a fun outing for a child this summer for $20

Childhood is a time of going to new places and making memories that bond them as a family. But for kids like Drew who come from abusive and neglectful homes, family outings are rare or never happen at all. 

But this summer, you can provide Drew and kids like him with the opportunity to experience fun and connection through an off-campus outing. Your $20 gift by June 1 can help Drew know what it’s like to just be a kid.

Drew hasn’t known the anticipation of going to a ballgame with his parents and siblings. He hasn’t experienced the simple joys of a day on the lake fishing or canoeing. Instead, he’s felt unwanted and rejected when alcohol was deemed more important than him.


You can change Drew’s story.

Your gift of $20 by June 1 can help Drew feel cherished and chosen. To give him and other kids like him a day off from worry and a day on for good, old-fashioned fun.

Off-campus outings can also introduce youth from hard places to new hobbies and interests and help prepare them to return to community life.

Your gift by June 1 can be the start of replacing Drew’s difficult past with treasured moments. You can help heal his broken heart. It all starts with your gift of $20.

Give one child a fun and encouraging outing this summer!


Christian Children's Home of Ohio (CCHO) is a local nonprofit organization that has provided opportunities for donors like you to help abused and neglected children for more than 50 years. Based in Wooster, OH and serving all of Ohio – including Wayne County, Summit County, Stark County, Cuyahoga County, Franklin County and the surrounding areas – CCHO is a safe place for kids who have suffered extreme forms of physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse, as well as survivors of sex trafficking. Initially licensed as a foster care/group home for children, CCHO now has five cottages on its campus that are home to as many as 46 kids, ages 6-17, who have often been abused by parents or other people they trust. During their time with this faith-based charity in Ohio, children learn the tools they need to overcome the trauma they've experienced through various forms of therapeutic approaches (including recreational therapy, art therapy and equine therapy) as well as social, spiritual and educational opportunities designed to aid the child with the healing process, model for them how a healthy family functions, develop coping and life skills, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

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