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All-star players awarded for trustworthiness

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

The countdown to the big game has begun. The annual Ohio State-Michigan rivalry is fierce. Traditions run deep. Game day hype is larger than life. It’s an exciting time for players and fans. (If you’re wondering why this post looks a little different, here’s why.) We don’t have a formal football team on our residential campus so you won’t see a young teen run the ball for a 50-yard touchdown. Quarterback sacks will be limited to video-game time earned through positive behavior.

So what do we have? We have all-star players striving to reach their individualized goals. Their daily practices are led by dedicated coaches on our clinical/program staff. Each month, our staff nominate players of the month to recognize a resident’s character development in one of six areas: respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

CCHO football logo

This past month we acknowledged trustworthiness. defines trustworthiness as “deserving of trust or confidence; dependable; reliable.” This category is of special significance as many of our residents arrive on campus with a history of broken trust in relationships. Adults have not honored trust in word or actions. Our coaches work on healing this injured area from day one. It begins by modeling trust through consistent behavior.

The following players (AKA residents) were celebrated for demonstrating trustworthy conduct: Collin from our teen boys cottage, Jess from our teen girls cottage, Ryan from our young boys cottage, and Emily from our young girls cottage.

Trustworthy Character Award

I was in kindergarten when I used to steal and lie and I kept doing it until the end of fifth grade. I used to steal every day. I learned to steal and lie from my parents because they lied at court by saying they never hurt me. But when I came to CCHO, that’s when I learned to not steal and lie. Since being at CCHO, I’ve learned that I get in less trouble from telling the truth instead of lying. Now that I’ve learned to the tell the truth, staff trust me. And that’s why I think I’ve earned this reward.

Congratulations to each of these young lives for working hard during their stay at CCHO and achieving their goals.

We also have a host of cheerleaders and fans committed to the players’ success. Thank you so much for believing in our kids even in the tough seasons of life. Thank you for cheering loudly from the stands and by coaching as a volunteer mentor. Thank you for giving generously so that each girl and boy can find personal and community victory at CCHO and beyond.

Enjoy game week . . . Go Buckeyes . . . Go Blue! May the best team (and our kids) win!


Coach a youth to personal victory! We are always in need of individuals who want to make a difference for children in need of hope, healing and unconditional love. We invite you to take a moment and learn more about all of the volunteer opportunities available with CCHO, Encompass and Encourage.


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