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Cultural competency

We care for youth of all races within our children’s residential center. Their unique cultures and experiences are an important part of who they are and how we serve them. Our hope is to help them experience their worth in Christ through relationships and services.

We train our residential staff periodically on skin and hair care for different races as well as cultural competency. We do this in monthly team meetings as well as within clinical training. We encourage staff to be curious and ask questions to better understand racial and cultural components that children bring with them to residential care. We explore ways we can support and embrace these differences while understanding that not all races/cultures view things the same way. This work and conversations are ongoing as we learn and grow together.

Keeping an open honest dialogue is a healthy choice. Here’s a great article with 10 helpful tips for parents of all backgrounds to talk to and guide their children about race early and often. When we teach and model God-honoring principles and tools, we are helping our kids become ambassadors of hope and change.

Read our latest blog on the Encompass Christian Counseling website for more suggestions on fostering empathy for those whose race is different than your own.


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