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Friendly rivalry and connection builder

On October 30, our children’s residential center (CRC) held its fourth annual fall decorating contest. The cottage competition has grown beyond mere decorations to entire themed productions complete with costumes, performances and edible treats. Residents and staff compete to earn prizes ranging from king-size candy bars to a cottage-wide outing of their choice.

A panel of costumed judges walk through each cottage taking notes on participation, decorations, creativity, costumes, enthusiasm, and presentation. This friendly rivalry is one of the biggest connection builders for kids and staff in residential and we look forward to continuing the tradition.

“This contest has become an exciting highlight each fall that staff and residents look forward to,” said Bryndi Pfeiffer, CRC Operations Manager. “We are incredibly proud of our staff and kids for their hard work and excellent execution in each cottage. The bar has been significantly raised this year as all four cottages stepped up their game.”

Second place went to our young boys cottage who welcomed the judges to their Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory design. Golden tickets. Oompa-Loompas. Candy galore.

Our teen girls took the judging panel back to the 80s with their cottage theme of The Breakfast Club/Twisted Sister. Detention. Drama. Dancing. Their efforts were awarded third place.

First place went to our young girls who created the 50th anniversary Heartville County Fair inside their cottage. Fair food. Fun games. Live animals. And a show! Congratulations, cottage 3!

Our teen boys put heart and soul into their Crayola Crayons theme. They taught us that trauma will not prevail as broken crayons still color. Their artistic presentation took fourth place.

Congratulations to all of our participants!

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