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Resident on the rise

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

James from our teen boys cottage is One Heart on the Rise. He will soon graduate from our program and move on to independent living. When asked what he will take away from CCHO and what he liked about the program, James replied:

“I learned three things being at CCHO. I learned that I can be confident in myself and my abilities. I learned that family doesn’t have to be blood. And I learned to read the Bible when I need guidance. I like that you know that the staff care for you. You know that staff will always be there for you, even when you curse them out. They will tell you that you are forgiven and that they love you. I always felt loved here by the staff.”

He wrote the following poem to share with you.

Your support gives James the opportunity to overcome trauma and learn about the life-changing truth of Jesus. Thank you for your faithful and generous giving so we can help even more kids find healing.

This story was originally shared in “All Things”, the quarterly newsletter for CCHO and our family of ministries.


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