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Your gift of $60 by September 21 will show Connie that her worth is not defined by what has been done to her, but in her identity as God's precious child.

There is a scared six-year-old girl named Connie who needs your help. Connie had to be removed from her home due to neglect and abuse. She has never experienced true love or safety. Connie struggles to believe anyone will ever truly care for her.

You can change her story. You can help Connie receive safe and consistent care for the first time in her life.


With your $60 donation, you can give Connie critical care and connection as she transitions into the new routine of the school year. You’ll ensure that she has the care and guidance she needs to make this big adjustment.

Let me tell you more about Connie and how your gift will give this sweet little girl the safety, care and connection she deserves.    

Connie has survived constant physical abuse and neglect from her father and stepmother. Her parents put all their time and resources toward what they loved most, drugs. Connie was only seen when she did something wrong. She was then severely punished. Not knowing how to manage her emotions, she often resorts to unhealthy behaviors to get attention. 

Connie’s trauma lingers in her mind. She doesn’t know how to cope with her pain. It’s hard for her to fall asleep at night. Her angry and anxious outburst can get the best of her. Connie longs to know true safety and to feel fully accepted. 

Your gift by September 21 can help kids like Connie. Your $60 gift can give a child a day of care with food, therapy, education and a safe and stable place as they transition into the school year. 

Connie believes everything is her fault and that she’s not worthy of love. She’s afraid of being punished for any little mistake she makes. She just wants all the fear and pain to go away. 

Your gift by September 21 will give Connie and more kids like her a chance to finally feel loved and experience healthy connection after living in abuse and brokenness for so long!

You’ll be helping Connie process her relationship-based trauma with safe, trusting adults in therapy, social spaces and school. That’s the most effective approach to trauma healing. When true healing has begun, education becomes more effective. 

Connie is weary from all the yelling and screaming. She’s tired of being afraid of doing something wrong. And yet, she keeps trying to earn affection. She desperately wants to fit in. Her young heart craves love that is real and safe.

Will you show Connie that her worth is not defined by what has been done to her, but in her identity as God’s precious child? Remember: Every $60 you give by September 21 will provide a day of care and critical connection for kids in desperate need, like Connie.

What an amazing gift you can give!

I know you believe Connie deserves to be loved unconditionally. To experience the overflowing hope promised in Romans 15:13. To find healing and happiness after all that she’s experienced. 

Will you help Connie receive consistent and safe care during her transition into the school year? Please send in a $60 gift for her care and safety by September 21. 

Give one child a day of critical care and connection this school year!


Christian Children's Home of Ohio (CCHO) is a local nonprofit organization that has provided opportunities for donors like you to help abused and neglected children for more than 50 years. Based in Wooster, OH and serving all of Ohio – including Wayne County, Summit County, Stark County, Cuyahoga County, Franklin County and the surrounding areas – CCHO is a safe place for kids who have suffered extreme forms of physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse, as well as survivors of sex trafficking. Initially licensed as a foster care/group home for children, CCHO now has five cottages on its campus that are home to as many as 46 kids, ages 6-17, who have often been abused by parents or other people they trust. During their time with this faith-based charity in Ohio, children learn the tools they need to overcome the trauma they've experienced through various forms of therapeutic approaches (including recreational therapy, art therapy and equine therapy) as well as social, spiritual and educational opportunities designed to aid the child with the healing process, model for them how a healthy family functions, develop coping and life skills, and introduce them to Jesus Christ.

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