Provide a fun outing for a child this summer for $20

Childhood is a time of exploring new places and making memories. But for kids like Jonah who come from abusive homes, family outings are rare or never happen at all.

But this summer, you can provide Jonah and kids like him with the opportunity to experience fun and connection through an off-campus outing. Your $20 gift by June 1 can help Jonah know what it’s like to just be a kid.

Jonah hasn’t known the anticipation of going to a ballgame with his dad. He hasn’t experienced the thrill of a waterpark with parents cheering him on as he conquers the biggest slide. Instead, he’s felt the pain of rejection and loneliness.

You can change Jonah’s story.

Your gift of $20 by June 1 can help Jonah feel cherished and wanted. To give him and other kids like him a day off from worry and a day on for good, old-fashioned fun.

Off-campus outings give Jonah a break from the hard work he’s doing in trauma therapy. Activities like bowling and canoeing can also introduce youth from hard places to new hobbies and help prepare them to return to community life.

Your gift by June 1 can be the start of replacing Jonah’s painful past with safety and delight. It all starts with your gift of $20.

Give one child a fun and encouraging outing this summer!

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