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A sweet message of thanks from a sweet little girl

Ashley’s life had been a living nightmare. This sweet eight-year-old girl had been abused physically, sexually and emotionally by her biological parents and multiple babysitters. She’d been sold into sex trafficking for drug money and even once nearly drowned by her father in a bathtub.

Ashley never felt safe in her home. How could she? Who could she trust? It got so bad for Ashley that she had been taken to the emergency room nine times after trying to hurt herself.

Today, Ashley is thriving with her loving adoptive family. Listen to her own story, in her own words, in the video above.

Ashley’s adoptive mom also shared this note with us:

“Ashley knows CCHO saved her life. I am positive when she grows up, she will reflect back and realize the amazing impact you had on her and how you shaped the rest of her life. I will make sure she always knows what you did for her. My little girl is home – where she belongs – and it is thanks to all of you!”

These words of gratitude and joy are also for those who make stories like Ashley’s possible — those who have a heart for helping children from hard places. Thank you to our donors, supporting churches, ministry partners and everyone else whose prayers and support are vital to CCHO and our family of ministries!

*Ashley’s name has been changed to protect her identity


Provide a night of safety this winter If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a night of safety and care to a child just like Ashley this winter. Your $60 donation will help a child finally be safe and feel safe. What a gift you can give!


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