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An influential young leader

Becca didn’t receive consistent love and parenting. Her home wasn’t a safe place. Becca was often filled with fear and anxiety. She had a difficult time sleeping due to nightmares. Life was very hard for this nine-year-old.

Although she’s good at math, school also meant tough times for Becca partly due to concentration issues and getting along with others. She didn’t have support for homework or extra-curricular activities. Becca would sometimes pretend she didn’t know what to do with an assignment to get out of doing work.

Because you believed Becca has great worth in Christ, she has grown personally and academically. She’s been an inspiration to her peers in the classroom. She shares words of encouragement and has an exceptional desire to learn. She gives 100% effort on her schooling. You made this incredible change possible for Becca!

Becca used to be angry all the time. She would hit and scream, not able to control her emotions. She also struggled with suicidal thoughts and self-harming behaviors. She didn’t want to live anymore. She felt so lonely and unwanted.

Because you gave Becca a safe place to learn and receive care after trauma, she’s now able to ask for help in healthy ways and enjoys reading to younger classmates. She contributes to group discussions and she’s willing to lend a hand wherever she is needed.

Your support has helped Becca learn that her life matters. That she can persevere in life and school. You’ve helped her shine in her education and in her relationships. Because of you, her heart is healing.

Thank you for helping Becca become an influential young leader. You’ve helped prepare her for returning to family and community life.


If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a child just like Becca a safe place to learn in a trauma-informed classroom. Your gift can be the start of helping Becca realize she’s capable of achieving her goals. Your gift can make school a happy place again. It all starts with your gift of $15.


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