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Celebrating successful transitions

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

In our previous blog post, we gave an update on our family integration therapy program. Here are a few examples of kids thriving in their new homes as shared by their integration therapist.

Sara needed the “perfect” home for her and her foster mom is such a good fit. Sara has been so successful there. We stayed in touch for about six months. She required some encouragement and distance in order to successfully attach to her new therapist, but she did so well in creating attachments with her foster mom and her new grandparents! Sara loves her dogs and has a big yard to run in. She does well in school and has had very few behavioral issues. She is a true success story!

Cecilia surprised us all when she bonded so quickly and successfully to her adoptive parents. She has a brother who is about the same age and is doing very well in their home. Cecilia was able to move on very quickly without much assistance from us. While we were sad to not see or talk to her anymore, we are so thrilled to have been able to meet her and make a difference in her life.

Ashley came to us as a very broken child. Her social workers, counselors, and psychiatrists could not figure out how to help her; some had even told her adoptive mom to “give her back.” Her mom refused to do that and brought Ashley to us in her darkest times. Her trauma history so tragic that it’s one of the hardest intake stories I’ve ever heard. She had her fair share of struggles while at CCHO, but she successfully discharged from our program after nine months. Ashley went home with her family and she is doing very well overall! She had some behavioral issues at school, but her school has been amazing in figuring out how to help her stay regulated and utilize her strengths to benefit her. Ashley is a happy, healthy child again and we are so blessed to have been able to impact her life in a positive way!

Monique came into CCHO and immediately stole our hearts! Her little smile and the sparkle in her eyes were so captivating. She taught us so much in her time here. Monique left for an initial foster home, but it didn’t work out. She is now in another foster home that she’s thriving in. She has four other foster sisters and her foster parents are amazing individuals—she is doing so well!

Avery is one of those kids that can make you laugh so hard you cry, but then also shut you out when she is angry. She is doing well in her second foster home since leaving CCHO. Avery is in a home now where she has siblings and a yard for her high energy level. She discharged successfully and our staff have been checking in with her occasionally since leaving. She has some struggles in school, but she is doing well creating a rapport and trust with her foster parents.

Please join us in celebration and prayer over these young lives. We are grateful that they are experiencing their worth in Christ.


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