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Changing routines due to COVID-19

CCHO and our family of ministries have been deeply impacted by the coronavirus. At this time, we not only covet your prayers and support, but we want to be an encouragement to you as well. As mental and behavioral health providers, our operations remain open. Our staff are among the frontline workers caring for others, and we are focused more than ever on helping people experience their worth in Christ.

As you can imagine, this is an anxious time for kids. Here’s what’s happening in our children’s residential center as routines are changing due to the restrictions of COVID-19.

  1. Some residents are worried about family members who might get sick and their fears often affect their behaviors.

  2. All visitations have been cancelled for the foreseeable future and we’re doing our best to facilitate calls over the phone or on a computer.

  3. Residents’ county workers are checking on the kids using a video platform instead of seeing them face to face.

  4. Medical and dental appointments and court cases have been pushed back.

  5. Mentors and volunteer groups have stopped coming.

  6. Off-campus outings are cancelled and we’re trying to find other ways to reward them when they have a solid week.

All of this because of a virus that they can’t see, something that is scary and unknown to them and staff can’t answer all of their many questions.

Like everyone else, our kids just want this virus to end. When asked for specific prayer requests, here’s one child’s response. Please be in prayer for her heart and healing during this time.

Your prayers are especially meaningful right now as health information is evolving and we are doing our best to address the needs and safety of our kids and their direct caregivers.

At this uncharted and uncertain time, we are also here for you. We know it’s difficult to not let fear and worry take over at times. Our hope is to be an encouragement to you and to always point you back to our loving and trustworthy God. He cares deeply for you and we are blessed that we can cast our cares on Him (1 Peter 5:7) and turn to Him as a place of refuge and strength (Psalm 91:1-4). If we can pray for you in a specific way, please share your request with us.

If you need additional support, our counselors at Encompass are available to speak with you through our telemental health option.


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