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Christmas morning smiles

With yesterday’s snowfall leaving a blanket of white on lawns and rooftops, it’s starting to look like Christmas here in northeast Ohio. It’s a memorable time of year filled with tradition and anticipation.

The annual Christmas Wish List program is a long-standing tradition at CCHO. Children with big hearts and big struggles write out their lists and donors from across the region (and the country) select items that will bring joy and show these kids they are special and that their interests matter.

Christmas comes with a host of emotions for the kids in our residential treatment center as we shared in a blog post earlier this year. They sense the loss and separation from loved ones more keenly on holidays. The Wish List program makes the day a little easier for them with treasured presents.

As the gifts generously donated have been inventoried and wrapped, we’re excited for Christmas morning for the kids. There will be BIG smiles. And you make this possible. Thank you so much, Wish List donors!

Because of the generosity of 50 families, 15 churches and six businesses, more than 115 youth are being cared for through the Wish List program this Christmas.

Thank you also to volunteers at Wooster Nazarene for inventorying gifts and to volunteers at Orrville Christian Church for wrapping presents. Your support means so much as we adjust to pandemic restrictions and strive to keep everyone safe.

With the season’s hustle and the pandemic’s difficulties, let’s not forget that Christmas is a time to celebrate that hope arrived in a manger. God’s plan to end brokenness and suffering began in a town called Bethlehem.

God included everyday people of faith in the first Christmas. He still uses those individuals today. Thank you for sharing His hope and love with our kids. May you experience Christmas peace and joy anew this year.

Special request: Children may arrive at CCHO during the next week due to emergency placement needs. If you live locally and would like to help provide possible last-minute wish list gifts, please contact Lauren at


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