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Churches give tremendously!

We are so grateful for the compassionate, faithful churches who support CCHO and our family of ministries. Through their fundraising, volunteer hours, and steady stream of prayers, children, adults and families have found hope and healing on the other side of their pain.

Church support is crucial to our purpose of helping more people experience their worth in Christ, and this summer, a number of awesome churches elected to give to CCHO through their Vacation Bible School (VBS) programs. These VBS contributions totaled more than $16,000 in financial donations. A tremendous blessing!

These funds will benefit our residential youth through three special campus projects (listed below) to help them achieve their individual treatment goals.

Climbing Wall Panel with Mats

Used for children's recreation and therapeutic needs, this climbing wall is about 10 feet high by 20 feet wide and will be placed in our recreation center.

Playground Set Near Education Classrooms

To give our youth short movement and reset breaks when classes are in session, we would like to add playground equipment nearby the children's leadership center. The equipment must be extremely sturdy and ADA compliant.

Children's Wish List

Our kids share a “wish experience” as a goal for working hard. It’s often a dinner out or trip to the zoo. Sometimes we can get these “wishes” donated; we are looking to build up a fund to cover the costs for the times when we can't.

Thank you to the following churches for making CCHO their featured mission for VBS this summer:

Barrs Mill Church Of God

Christ United Methodist Church (Louisville)

Damascus United Methodist Church

Danville Church Of Christ

First Baptist Church of Gahanna

Hamersville Church Of Christ

Louisville Church of Christ

Millwood Church Of Christ

Nashville Church Of Christ

North Terrace Church Of Christ

Powell Christian Church

Stanwood Community Church

Wooster Church of the Nazarene

Wooster United Methodist Church

Thank you so much for wanting children from hard places to know they are loved and valuable. You are making life change possible!


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