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Efficient and energized

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

CCHO is pleased to receive a grant award of $11,200 from the Florence L. Rice Community Fund, a component fund of the Wayne County Community Foundation. This generous funding allowed us to replace the original HVAC system for our Leadership Center. We are so grateful that this central community space is once again functioning well for our residents and staff.

The Leadership Center was updated as part of our recent Promise Project capital campaign. Originally built in 2001, the space is in frequent daily use as both learning and commissary environments. A large portion of the day is spent in this building and it’s imperative for the air quality and temperature control to maximize the education experience.

“Our children and staff utilize the Leadership Center 10-12 hours per day on average for school, meetings and meals,” said Jeff Stump, director of facilities at CCHO. “The new units will be more energy efficient, reducing the cooling load and costs while being more environmentally friendly. This investment will carry us into the next two decades.”

Thank you, Wayne County Community Foundation, for helping us give our clients the highest quality of care, education and services.


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