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Experience your potential

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

We’d love for you to consider a career in youth ministry at CCHO. In today’s blog post, Shawn Yambor, one of our executive team members, shares many of the benefits of working at CCHO by reflecting on his own vocational journey.

As a 21-year-old graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, I wanted a job that would allow me to put my passion for helping others to work by feeding my interest in mental health and helping me mature as a leader. I also was looking for somewhere that provided opportunities for promotion along with the support to pursue further education/licensure.

Like many graduating college students, my goals were set high – perhaps unrealistically high – especially for my first job out of college. When I applied at CCHO, I wasn’t sure if the organization would be able to meet my expectations. In all honesty, I applied for the entry-level treatment specialist position so I could make money while pursuing my master’s degree and counseling license at the University of Akron. I didn’t realize that surrounding myself with mental-health professionals at an agency focused on leadership development and opportunity would put me on a path to meet all my post-college goals.

The children’s residential department at CCHO is organized into four different sub teams: medical, program, clinical, and operations. Each sub team is made up of several different roles with distinct promotion opportunities. As I experienced the overall positive culture created by staff working together to restore hope for abused and neglected children, ages 6-18, while helping them find healing from their past traumas, I discovered my own worth, learned new skills, and identified where I fit best in my department and CCHO as a whole.

A career at CCHO has allowed me to experience my full potential, and I’m confident it would do the same for you too.


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