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Genesis now believes she is loved unconditionally

Eleven-year-old Genesis grew up witnessing domestic violence. As she got older, she would attempt to protect her mom, becoming a victim of abuse herself. Her mother used substances to cope. Genesis felt helpless and unseen.

Genesis has lived in 7 homes in the last two years. She was separated from her siblings and each home she went to was full of strangers. She was consumed with anger and self-hatred. She lashed out at anyone who tried to care for her. She didn’t believe she was worthy of love.

You made sure that Genesis was safe and received care for her unique trauma needs. Because of you, she is supported and nurtured as she processes her trauma. You have provided her with a healing environment where she can discover her true worth in Christ.

Genesis had difficulty trusting anyone. She would resort to aggressive behaviors and push everyone away.

But your generosity has helped change Genesis’s view of herself and others. After months of building trust, Genesis has finally engaged in therapy as she learns to process trauma and regulate her emotions.

Genesis now communicates her needs and trusts that they will be met. She is seen and valued. Genesis knows that even when she has hard days, she is loved unconditionally.

Genesis is being discharged soon. She is going back to her previous foster-to-adopt family. At first, Genesis believed her foster family wouldn’t be able to forgive her past mistakes. She shared this fear with them. Her foster family immediately embraced her and reassured Genesis that she is wanted and loved. Your generosity made this possible.

Thank you for making a difference in Genesis’s life!


If you’re inspired by this story, you can give a child just like Genesis critical care and connection this school year. Your $60 donation by August 19 will provide a day of critical care with safe shelter, food, therapy, education, and healthy connection for kids in desperate need.


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