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How you can help today

In the midst of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, we remain committed to helping the children in our residential program experience their worth in Christ.

However, we continue to make difficult financial decisions to keep our young residents and staff as safe as possible.

To put it simply, expenses are up and revenue is down. And as a nonprofit organization, we depend on generous donations from donors like you.

The great news is that your gift will be multiplied to help. Every $1 you send today results in $10-worth of help to the children who need it!

Here’s an update on what’s been happening over the last several weeks….

  1. Food costs have increased. We’ve seen a reduction in food quality (particularly in dairy products and produce) and slower-than-usual deliveries.

  2. Kids are now served meals in their cottages due to social distancing requirements. This has limited our ability to prepare food in bulk while forcing more purchases of disposable serving materials for mealtimes.

  3. Our annual Great Grill Off community event and fundraiser has been cancelled. Our other summer fundraisers are in danger as well.

  4. Revenue is down, too. We stand to lose as much as $25,000 in expected revenue from our children’s residential center and counseling services by the end of April.

You can see this is a crucial moment of need for abused and neglected children in Ohio.

But because every $1 you give unlocks state funding and helps make our paid services possible, your gift during this critical time provides 10x the help and safety. That’s amazing.

Your gift ensures a child will have a safe place to stay, the food they need and the expert care they deserve. Right now, when they need it most.


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