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Maya learned to speak truth to herself and others

Maya has carried the pain of abuse since she was five years old. She’s believed that she was ugly and unlovable for far too long. Her hurting heart craved safety and attention. But rather than experiencing true connection, her life was filled with lies that pushed others away.

As a teenager, her anger increased into fights with her parents and siblings. It seemed that everyone had abandoned her. Maya’s struggle with depression led her to harm herself several times.

Because you wanted more for kids who have been hurt, Maya experienced safety and support from her first day on campus. She now knows that on her best days and worst moments, that she is worthy of care. She’s learned how to speak truth to herself and others.

Your generosity has given Maya and her family a fresh start. Maya recently shared what she’s proud of: “The change not only I have made but I have seen my family make because yes, I have made a lot of changes but if my mom and dad didn’t make changes then I wouldn’t be leaving. Because it wouldn’t work out. I truly wanted to change this time but last time my parents didn’t want to change. The clinical staff really supported us and I’m really proud of what we have overcome.”

Maya’s trauma once controlled her life and relationships. She tried to avoid pain. She feared her broken past would always define her.

With your support, Maya became a leader in her cottage. She took on a main role in the annual cottage decorating contest. She’s secure in her relationships and has found healthy ways to express herself.

Thank you for giving Maya a safe place to be heard and valued. Because of you, this 16-year-old is now reunited with her family and they are on track to stay together.


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