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New flooring for our young girls cottage

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

CCHO is pleased to receive a grant award from the Lillian Steiner Community Fund, a component fund of the Wayne County Community Foundation. This generous funding covered the expenses of new flooring for our young girls cottage. As we provide compassionate and consistent care in our children’s residential center, this award will ensure a safe and comfortable home for our young residents.

The young girls cottage is home to girls age six to 11—each of them having their own bedroom. Community spaces in the cottage are used for group therapy, social activities, craft times, and occasional meals away from the cafeteria.

The previous carpeting was original to the cottage built in 1983. At nearly 40 years old, this carpet was no longer able to be cleaned satisfactorily. The constant wear and tear of 10 young girls living in the cottage was evident. The newly placed carpet squares will allow our team to replace individual squares as needed rather than the entire flooring.

Many of our residents have moved frequently throughout their lives from relative care to various foster homes before arriving at CCHO. Giving our youth a safe, clean, and healthy space to rest and feel secure increases their capacity to connect with others and work through their trauma.

Thank you, Wayne County Community Foundation, for your kindness and compassion to youth from hard places. Your support funded much-needed new carpeting demonstrating to them that their young lives and their home are valuable. Because of you, they are experiencing their true worth and moving forward to healing.


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