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Partnering to help youth succeed

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

We take our vision very seriously to become the partner of choice, providing services that transform lives, families, and communities. And even more than that, our purpose to help more people experience their worth in Christ.

It was humbling to hear from an employee at Lake County Children Services recently that the service she received for her youth client in the past was so positive. Dameyon White shared her experience about partnering with our children’s residential team.

“My interactions with CCHO have been positive in the past and present. In the past, the CCHO team worked in tandem to make sure that a previous youth I worked with received trauma-informed therapy. This youth in the past would bond with the therapist, but it never seemed that the therapist was getting to the root of the issues or at least getting the youth to address these issues. CCHO was able to build a rapport with this youth, and get the youth to work on their trauma sincerely. That youth successfully completed the program and had the pick of places for the next step in life. Recently another youth suffering from trauma disrupted from their previous placement. I immediately thought of the work CCHO did in the past. I found out that CCHO expanded their clinical program and team to make it more efficient and client specific. I am excited to see how the team works with this youth. CCHO has done what many could not with my youth who suffered immense trauma.”

Thank you, Dameyon, for all that you do to help children overcome trauma and succeed in life!


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