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“Please pray…I will go back home”

The kids on our campus have been deeply impacted by the coronavirus, particularly with the ways shelter-in-place restrictions are limiting personal interactions with family, county workers and our volunteer groups.

A couple days ago, we shared a collection of special prayer requests from our young residents. Below are a few more requests from our boys and girls, ages 6-18. As you can see, they are carrying some significant burdens right now, as many of us are.

Would you please pray for them, for these specific requests and also for their safety as well as the safety of our staff?

We’ve also included a little “thank you” from one of our residents below. It means so much to have you lifting up the kids here on campus, our staff and our family of ministries during this time.

(Click the images below to view a larger version.)

“Please pray that my grandfather survives the coronavirus/COVID-19 disease and that I go home safe, healthy and sound. Oh, and that I pass my permit and license test with a 100%.” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

~resident in our Young Girls cottage

“I would like to be prayed for my baby sisters and baby brother and for me to leave CCHO.” ~resident in our Teen Girls cottage

“Ms. Rhonda with an ‘h’” ~resident in our Teen Boys cottage

“My mom/coronavirus” ~resident in our Teen Boys cottage

~resident in our Young Boys cottage


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