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Thanks to you, Lauren is conquering fears

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Fear and anxiety were common feelings to Lauren. Living in a home filled with substances and violence, she was afraid of her parents. She was also uncertain of going to new places. She never felt safe.

Lauren has lived with relatives and in foster homes. She would tell lies to hold onto control. She would hurt others with her words because of her anger.

You made sure that Lauren was safe and could finally focus on her needs instead of her siblings. Because of your gift, she’s learning how to manage her emotions. She’s able to just be a kid, exploring new activities in a positive way and build her self-esteem. You have given her the safe space to discover her true worth in Christ.

Lauren has struggled with self-harm and aggression toward kids and adults. She has worried about so much more than a ten-year-old should.

But your generosity has helped change Lauren’s view of herself and others. Recently Lauren and her peers in the tween girls cottage visited an indoor rock-climbing facility. She had a great time learning new physical skills and working together with friends. With guidance and encourage from adults, she conquered her fears and did her best.

Activities like this coincide with her progress in therapy. Lauren has become more open, insightful and reflective. She is learning to consider the consequences of her actions as well as the reasons behind her behavior. She is also experiencing healthy connection for using her words for healing and restoration.

So many amazing changes for Lauren because of your generosity. She is becoming the compassionate young leader God created her to be! Thank you!


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