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2022 End-of-year giving tips

This information was originally published on 12/18/2019 and updated on 12/14/2022.

End-of-year gifts help even more kids and families experience their worth in Christ. Your donations create environments for individuals to feel safe and receive help to make positive changes in their lives. Your support truly changes lives.

We encourage you to please consult with your tax preparer or visit the IRS website for 2022 tax year information.

Reminder: When giving to CCHO, you may want to inquire with your employer (or your spouse’s) if they have a matching gift policy for charitable giving. You may have to file some paperwork with your employer’s HR department, but your gift will have a double impact on this ministry.

As a nonprofit organization in good standing, we follow IRS rules. To make your gift count towards tax-year 2022, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Check by mail: If you’re mailing a check through the post office, your donation is good for tax-year 2022 only if your envelope is postmarked December 31 or earlier. Note: If you drop your envelope in your mailbox or a blue postal service mailbox, it might not get postmarked until Tuesday, January 3. You’re encouraged to mail early or go in person to prevent delays and have your gift count for 2022.

Check in person: If you’re in the Wooster area, we’d love to meet you. To make your gift in person, we are available to receive your gift a the administrative office on Armstrong Road until noon on Friday, December 30.

Credit card online: Make your gift online by 11:59:59pm on Saturday, December 31 and it will be counted for 2022. You’ll receive an immediate email notification to the email address you provided that your gift was submitted. Make your gift at

Electronic transfers of securities: When you direct your broker to transfer securities to CCHO, it’s considered a completed donation only when the funds are transferred from your account into another account. Keep in mind that if you are over age 70½, you can donate directly from an individual retirement account (IRA) to a charity. You may want to meet early with your IRA trustee, so transaction is completed by year end.

For more information, please contact Development Director Kevin Engle at 330.345.7949, ext 2336 or email

Tax information sources: IRS website


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