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A note to former residents

Dear former residents of CCHO,

Though you no longer live here with us, I want you to know that we still consider you part of the CCHO family. Despite the difficulties you faced here, and the mistakes you feel you made, each of you has left a unique imprint on our hearts, and hopefully we were able to do the same to yours.

I am sure by now, you have experienced the struggles of “Life after CCHO” and have had to face down hardships that seem too big to overcome. This world is full of trials and sorrows that leave us scared and broken. I would remind you of the words of our Lord from the Gospel of John.

"In this world you will have trials and sorrows, but take heart for I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33b

No matter what this world throws at you, remember that Jesus is still Lord over all. I pray that you remember what He has done for us, and how much He loves us. Remember that we here at CCHO still love and care for you, and always will.

Be blessed and encouraged,

Tim Hartzler

Campus Pastor


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