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A strong academic year

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

The 2019-2020 school year is coming to a close across our country in a very different way than it started. Our hearts go out to students, parents and staff who have made major adjustments in their education format. We are proud of your efforts. We ache for those who missed significant school milestones such as graduation and prom. We are heartbroken for students who do not have supportive adults and resources to learn well from home. May this time shine a light on community and family needs and bring about change.

In our children’s residential center at CCHO, the 2019-2020 year started a new education partnership with Norwayne Local School District. We welcomed four new education staff to our Wooster campus: Amy Fritz, Secondary School Teacher, Sam Ponting, Primary School Teacher, Rachel Snyder, Intervention Specialist and Diane Johnson, IEP Coordinator. These educators worked closely with residential staff to help our students make strides academically as well as behaviorally with these supportive and trustworthy adults in their lives.

“We have witnessed our kids gain multiple grade levels in their reading this year—equipping them to succeed in the future,” said Kevin Hewitt, CCHO President & CEO. “I am filled with gratitude for our team and their ability to make this transition successful.”

The new educational leaders created positive learning environments that mirrored general classrooms to better prepare our students for success when they finish their program at CCHO. Students attended classes on campus in the updated Leadership Center until March when teaching shifted into the cottages for health and safety measures against COVID-19.

Louis DiFiori, CCHO Residential Program Manager, said, “This has been the best academic year, and all parties are committed to making the partnership even stronger in the future.”

Classes officially wrapped up on Friday, May 22. Students and staff will mark the occasion with an end-of-school bash on Wednesday.

Best wishes to all for a great summer!


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