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Black History Month

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

As we celebrate Black History Month, we pause to pay tribute to the many voices of African American men and women who struggled with adversity and greatly contributed to our country. Conversations to establish this significant month began in 1915 with University of Chicago alumnus Carter G. Woodson. He desired for contributions of Black Americans to be acknowledged with the hope that it would inspire further and greater achievements.

We are grateful for the many Black Americans who have used their platforms and professions, past and present, to help people experience their worth in Christ. They have spoken out for the oppressed and for justice. They have given hope to those who are hurting. They have inspired by giving of themselves for the betterment of others. Their beliefs of human equality and worthiness in the eyes of God fueled their work. Here’s just one example.

We honor Black ministers who have led churches and movements to point to the good news of Jesus and help others know their value. We celebrate Black mental health professionals and advocates who deeply care for those facing mental health challenges and trauma. We acknowledge Black authors and artists for sharing their creative talents to help people feel seen and heard. We appreciate Black scientists who excelled in their fields and led the way for other minorities to rise in their vocations.

Black leaders of yesterday and today model hope and possibility for Black youth and for us all. There are amazing Black role models on our staff, our board, in our local communities, churches, schools and families who help people experience their worth in Christ each day.

We invite you to grow in your knowledge of Black culture, history and trauma. Listening and learning from others increases our cultural competency and empathy so we can be part of creating a safe and welcoming community. Below are resources for you and your family.


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